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Entry for club championships

If you want to play in the club championships you have to have attended at lease 50% of that day or night to qualify also the same for substitutions
The 50% participation rule spans the 12 months from the beginning of the event in one calendar year to the beginning of the event in the next calendar year.

What is Hesitation

The rule is basically you are allowed to hesitate for as long as you like (within reasonable time limits for the game).
The downside of " a pause for thought" is that if your partner makes a bid, the police can be called and their hand evaluated on whether they have their bid.

Here lies the problem. What some players would bid on a hand is considerably different to what others may bid. Typically the rule is that if 75% of their peers (players of approximately the same level) would have made that bid then the bid is acceptable.
If not then it is rejected.


What and when is a revoke established?
1 A revoke is established when the offender or his partner leads or plays to the following trick.
2 When the offender or his partner names or otherwise designates a card to be played to the following trick.
3 When a member of the offending side makes or agrees to a claim or concession of tricks orally or by facing there hand or in any other way.

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